The Proper Booth's guide to the perfect wedding photo booth

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Our number one job is to ensure you and your guests have as much fun as is humanly possible in our booth. Genuine laughs and smiles are the ingredients for the best photos and those photos make one of a kind wedding favours for your family and friends. The Proper Booth is the best way to share out the fun! And with our customisation options you can be sure your Photo Booth photos will match your wedding's style. Why not make it even more personal with custom props created just for you?

Want to make the most of your booth, here's our guide to the top five photos to take at your wedding in The Proper Booth

  • Bride & Groom

Sounds obvious we know, but you'd be surprised how often newlyweds forget to jump in the booth! With up to four different shots per print out, you can really let your hair down and show off your happy couple smiles! So grab those props, be romantic, geeky, silly or fun-loving. It's your chance to share and celebrate your love with everyone. 

  • Parents & Grandparents

A multi-generational photo is always something special, but inject a bit of fun and laughter and you'll have the best family photo ever! And trust us parents and grandparents never want to miss out on the Photo Booth frivolity!

  • Wedding Party

As much as we think our bridesmaids will wear their dress again, we all know they won't, and your groomsmen will never be matching in quite the same way ever again, so time to immortalise it forever by getting busy in the booth. Turn on the pose suggestion feature on The Proper Booth and your wedding party will never be lacking in inspiration! 

  • Flower Girls & Page Boys

What could be sweeter than adorable kids in adorable outfits? Adorable kids, in adorable outfits, wearing all the props in The Proper Booth! Kids love to get involved so why not get them together with the newlyweds for some heart melting photos. 

  • The Entertainers

Whether you've booked a band, magician, DJ, singing waiters or all of the above, try and invite them into the booth too! Some bands often go so far as to bring in their instruments. They love to have fun too and leave the nicest messages in on site guest books. You'll always remember how awesome they were.