Why The Proper Booth is a must for you next corporate event

No longer confined to the wedding industry, the worlds biggest brands and companies are recognising that photo booths are powerful promotional tools. 

The Proper Booth is full of marketing features, that can offer a great way to promote your business at any corporate event. Whether it’s simply utilising our unique branded Boomerang and Slow Mo video features or using are made for marketing tools, including Data Capture and Contest / Survey Mode. 

And when we say corporate event, this covers a really broad area. Think conferences, work parties, product launches, festivals, fashion weeks - literally any kind of corporate event imaginable! 

One of the most requested options we have for corporate events is data capture. People love to email their photos, GIFs and Boomerangs to themselves and they do this through The Proper Booth. They type in their email and we capture it. Likewise with a Facebook upload from the booth, we are able to capture a lot of information depending on the user’s privacy settings. 

The Proper Booth’s unique design featuring touch screen both front and back, makes sharing easier than ever before.

Booth users, sharing their photos across social media platforms, is a great way to boost your brand’s social media presence. 

The average Facebook user has 300 friends and the average Instagram user has 150 followers. Think about the ROI that your brand could get from 400 branded photos, printed and also shared with your promotional hashtag across social media. 

Check out some of our stats in our infographic below! 

Corporate Marketing - The Proper Booth-01.jpg

Essentially a Photo Booth photo acts like an advert, but it’s more than that. That image will be kept on someone’s Facebook, Instagram or both, to be liked and shared by friends for months if not years to come. (Thank you Facebook Memories!)

Want a few more stats? User-generated content on Instagram has a 4.5% conversion rate, with this number increasing to 9.6% if there’s interaction with the photo. Photo booth photos are an easy way to generate this exact type of content. 

Why not get in touch with us and explore how we can promote your brand. 

We love brainstorming ideas with brands. We’ll even prepare an insight report following your event.