Why Open Photobooth Rentals are the BEST!

Open Air Photobooth's Rock! 

Open Air Photobooth's Rock! 

For many, the word Photo Booth conjures up days gone by, when we'd use to scramble around for pound coins ready to get our passport photo taken in a really unpleasant enclosed metal box. Usually in a train station somewhere! 

Let's be honest, it wasn't too much fun. But whatever your memories, fond or not, the old school design isn't exactly ideal for your wedding or amazing event. If you're looking to rent a Photo Booth for you wedding or event, it's time to think outside of the box and book an open air Photo Booth! Here's just a few reasons why booking an open air booth is the right decision! 

It's Fun to Watch! 

With no walls to hide behind, everyone can enjoy the fun that a Photo Booth brings! After all a Photo Booth is all about providing entertainment value to your guests. Not only will the guests in the booth be having fun, everyone waiting in line for the Photo Booth will enjoy watching their antics as they mingle with others. I mean, who doesn't want to see their boss / manager posing with funny glasses and moustache? And those who were a little reluctant to join in the fun at the start won't be able to resist having a go after witnessing all the fun first hand! 

Have fun getting as many people as you want in the photo! 

Have fun getting as many people as you want in the photo! 

Big Groups Allowed! 

Not only allowed but encouraged. Having an open air booth doesn't limit your Photo Booth space. If anything it presents a fun challenge. How many people can you jam into your photo??
No one has to be left out of the photo anymore, and more people always means more fun! There's also absolutely no risk of claustrophobic panic attacks and more space means bigger better props too! 

Unobtrusive, Portable Modern Design

The Proper Booth is a pretty sexy thing. All the camera equipment and lightening is housed in a sleek modern design, which looks great at any event. Setup and breakdown is a breeze, and it's portability means you don't have to worry that you're having an event on the second floor and there's no lift. Why opt for a clunky booth that completely clashes with your well thought out event decor. It's much better to rent a booth that not only complements your style but can also seamlessly integrate into it. 

Endless Customisation 

The best bit for us about an open air photobooth rental is the opportunity to go crazy when it comes to backdrops. There's endless scope to have a lot fun creating your ultimate Photo Booth background. Whether it's using giant balloons to create a rainbow, a customised rustic chalk board, or a backdrop that seemingly transports your guests to a winter wonderland, an open air booth can accommodate them all! 

Photobomb Fun

Every one loves to photobomb. Booking a closed booth absolutely guarantees zero chance of this ever occurring. Even more reason to go open air! 

When you decided to book your Photo Booth rental, be sure to book a booth that will facilitate unforgettable memories that you and your guests create.