Boomarray. It's definitely in Vogue.

We were really excited when we added our Boomarray to our booth line up. So you can imagine our excitement when we saw Vogue's Fashion and Film Party at the Baftas and their images created by creative content agency The Flash Pack! 

The Array is the Height of Fashion. 

The Array, or 3D selfie effect is going to be HUGE this year. Expect to see these awesome matrix style videos all over your social media. With brands such as Lancome and Adidas already jumping at the chance to great these amazing arrays, we expect to see 3D selfies available at a host of corporate events, brand launches and trendsetting weddings. 

What is an Array?

Array effects such as those created for Vogue, require a rig of many cameras that will take burst photos and put them together to create the looping video you see as the final product. The equipment is technical and requires some serious installation, and usually only possible for those with deep pockets. But.....

Created with our  Boomarray Booth

Created with our Boomarray Booth

Created with our  Boomarray Booth

Created with our Boomarray Booth

I love this! How can have an Array at my event? 

We love the 3D selfie too, and you'll be pleased to hear it is absolutely possible to recreate this effect at your next event with our Boomarray Booth! And there is no need for an extensive camera setup; our little booth can be setup in 10 minutes anywhere you'd like! It's portability is what makes it great. 


The Boomarray. Perfect for Marketing and Content Creation. 

Our Boomarray also harnesses a marketing punch, and can churn out some amazing analytics so you can keep an eye on who has been in the booth and who has shared their 3D selfie on social media. It's ideal for brand launches! But also great fun at any type of event. 

It's time to jump on the Array effect before everyone else. Check out our Boomarray package or contact us for a custom quote. 

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