Save Money on your Wedding Day with a Photobooth

Photobooth Photos - meaningful keepsakes. 

Photobooth Photos - meaningful keepsakes. 

Photobooth Photos - The only wedding favour you need

Can you believe that couples in the UK spend on average £3 per head on wedding favours for their guests? And that adds up, with most weddings seeing approximately 101 guests attending their big day, thats over £300 of your budget gone!  

Guys it's time to rethink those boxes of sweets and small bottles of personalised gin and spend that money on a favour that doesn't get eaten or drunk in 30 seconds. You guessed it - use your Photobooth!

Everyone loves a photobooth. In this digital age, we don't print enough photos anymore, which is why photobooth photos are becoming even more special. What could possibly be a better wedding favour than a whole stack of photos of themselves having an awesome time at your wedding.  

Here at The Proper Booth, we wanted to make sure that using our photobooth prints as wedding favours works.

With every wedding we work on, we design from scratch your photobooth photo print outs just for you, to ensure it fits with the theme and style of your wedding. 

And we not only give your guests the option to print out the lovely print out design that we work with you to create, they can also choose to print out the original photos as well. More choice for your guests and photos they can pop straight into a frame when they get home and keep forever. 

By utilising your photobooth as your wedding favour not only are you saving money, you'll be creating photos of all your guests having fun that you can keep and look back on in years to come, and your guests get a more meaningful wedding favour too. 

P.S - want to see how much your guests will LOVE their photobooth photo favours? Check out the video below. 




Charlotte Williams