6 Tips to Consider Before Booking a Photobooth


There are so many photo booth companies available to book from, that it can all feel like a bit of a minefield when trying to decide who to book with.

Are you going to get the best value for money, the best quality and the look that you want to achieve?

We’ve put together some important things to consider before booking your photo booth.

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  1. Quality is King

The way we see it, a photo booth is sometimes the only opportunity your guests get to take away physical photos from your wedding or event. The photos that they can stick straight into a frame or on their fridge to remind themselves every day of the fun they had. 

We booked a photo booth for our wedding 8 years ago. Our photo booth photos are some of the last photos we had taken with people who are no longer with us, and unfortunately the quality is appalling. 

This is the reason we decided to get into the this business, to offer a high quality photo booth, and ensure these memories are captured beautifully. 

Don’t be afraid to ask to see printed samples from photo booth companies. It’s the best way to get an idea of their quality, and know exactly what you’re paying for. 

And check out their online photo galleries and social media too. 

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2. Looks Are Everything

There are so many different types of photo booth available to hire, so before you start looking think about what you want them to look like. Are you going for a more vintage look, a sleek contemporary feel, a or a traditional box photo booth? 

There really is a photo booth for everyone. 

We’re biased so we believe open air booths definitely offer the most space for amazing photos, especially when it comes to weddings. Who doesn’t love a group shot? 

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3. Read Reviews

It goes without saying that reviews and testimonials are usually a good indicator of a companies reputation. You wouldn’t book your caterer without reading reviews; even though booking a photo booth isn’t top priority reading reviews is just as important.

Check to see what customers have said online, Facebook is always a great starting point. And if you want even more reassurance, why not get in touch with a previous customer. 

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4. You Get What You Pay For

When it comes to photo booths, you get what you pay for is the phrase that comes to mind, and it isn’t the case that cheaper is better. 

What you don’t want is a company that promised you the earth, to arrive with a camera on a tripod. It happens. 

Photobooth’s are not made equal, and if one company is more expensive than another, then there’s a very good reason why that is. The better the technology, quality, and features usually means a higher price point.

The Proper Booth offers facial recognition, automatic camera tilting, filters, live galleries, pose tips… and that’s before we get into our fun features like boomerangs, mash up videos, GIFs and multiple size printing as well as our luxury backdrops and beautifully curated props.

And don’t forget that personalisation should be taken into consideration when looking at prices too. If you want a photo booth that can customise everything to fit your event or wedding style, then expect to pay more than a company that offers exactly the same thing each time. 

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5. Make it Yours!

Talking of personalisation, the best photo booth companies really can match your experience to you. Whether that’s matching your printouts to your wedding invites or ensuring your brand is front and centre. 

You can have props personalised to you, backdrops created for you and photo galleries branded. 

If you want to make it unique you can! 

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6. All those little extras 

There are photo booth companies out there that are a bit like flying with a budget airline. On first appearances the price seems to be amazing, but then they start to add on all those little extras. Want to print more than one photo each time? That’s an extra £50. Need a guestbook, another £50. How about customising your print out and even set up and breakdown. Turns out that they’re not included either, so by the time you’ve finished it’s almost double the original price. 

Establish exactly what each company offers, and check for those hidden extras such as travel costs, price for additional prints and guestbooks. 

Here at the Proper Booth we are completely transparent with our packages. Expect unlimited prints every time, luxury leather guestbooks and full customisation. 

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We hope these tips help you to choose a photo booth that is a perfect fit for you! We’re always here to help talk through our packages. Contact us today.