Pose Tips not Props

Photo booths are changing and we have always believed that less props makes a better photo booth experience. Sure, horse masks and feather boas are fun to a point, but soon you'll find that all your photos start to look a little repetitive as your guests don the same ridiculous props. 

What you need is Pose Tips! It's something totally unique to The Proper Booth, keeping your guests amused without props! And trust us when we say your photos will be better for it, with more variety and more natural reactions. There's only so many photos of your auntie wearing a viking hat that you need. 

How do Pose Tips work?

Before every photo or boomerang is taken, during the countdown, we flash up a different pose tip for your guests to adopt. Of course they don't have too but many people do and love it! 

Want to see a sneak peek and some of the tips?......

Photo Booth Pose Tips Vogue
The Proper Booth Pose Tips Blue Steel

Are you ready for the best Photobooth photos?

So we said that photos with out props and using pose tips are THE best. Here are some of our all time favs! 

Are you ready to go prop free and let pure happiness shine through? Contact us today to find out more! 

Charlotte Williams