Published on
July 15, 2020
Last updated
July 15, 2020


We've had a couple of pretty awesome Green Screen events recently, which we have loved working on. It's so fun transporting people to places at the click of a camera. Whether that's the hills of Italy or the halls of Hogwarts.


First up, a wedding party that had flown back to Norfolk from Italy after their nuptials to celebrate with friends and family. Not everyone could get there, so they wanted to bring a taste of Italy to them. It was a great concept, and we had a great time choosing beautiful Italian backgrounds for their guests to choose from. From the Trevi Fountain in Rome to the Amalfi Coast.

“Did you know that we can provide up to 10 different backgrounds with our Green Screen? ”

Pair the Italian Green Screen with some custom handcrafted paper cut props and you have a fun experience that was enjoyed by everyone who attended! Well, at least they certainly looked like they did! Here's a selection of some of our favourite photos of the night!

Italian Inspired Green Screen Photobooth for Wedding
Italian Green Screen Photobooth for Wedding
Venice Inspired Green Screen Photobooth for Wedding
 Green Screen Photobooth for Wedding


From a wedding to a birthday for one Harry Potter fan! As Harry Potter fans ourselves the had a lot of fun developing this experience.

We were asked to transport a party of girls in Somerset to the Wizarding World for an afternoon, and that is exactly what we did. With some expected and unexpected backgrounds that kept these Harry Potter fans amused.

We also had a great time designing up a Harry Potter inspired photo print out and of course those all important Harry Potter Photobooth props!

Harry Potter Photobooth
Harry Potter Inspired Photobooth

Are you looking to wow your guests with a themed photo booth? Do you want to transport your guests somewhere completely unexpected? A green screen with The Proper Booth might just be what you're looking for. We'll help you to create the best (and most fun!) green screen experience. And don't forget those custom props too! Get in touch with us today to help us plan your green screen experience.