Published on
September 18, 2020
Last updated
September 18, 2020

The Proper Booth x Ink & Paper

Introducing a collaboration that is the first of its kind. It's going to transform the way you think of wedding stationery.

As a wedding guest, there really isn't anything better than receiving that beautiful Save The Date through the post. Let's face it, nowadays post is mainly bills and things we really don't want to open. It is also the first reveal of the look and feel of the wedding you will be attending. It's no surprise then that most wedding couples want to run the theme that they have chosen for this stationery throughout their wedding day. Either through the colour palette or different aspects such as florals, bridesmaid dresses and other stationery items like the orders of service, place settings and menus.

One of the things we love to offer to our clients is truly one of a kind photo-booth prints. And a lot of the time, especially for weddings, couples ask us if we can match to the wedding stationery that they have spent lots of pennies on. Of course, we will always try to create a design that matches as closely as we can, but it will never been completely seamless.

And this is exactly why we are delighted to announce our collaboration with Ink & Paper on a series of wedding stationery suites, which for the very first time, include matching photo-booth print out designs.

Emerald City

“When Charley suggested collaborating, it was a no-brainer, after all, the print outs the photo-booth delivers form part of your wedding look and are wonderful mementoes for guests to take home. Why wouldn’t you tie it in with your wedding stationery? I am over the moon to be able to share with you these gorgeous photo-booth templates that perfectly complement each suite in my semi-custom range. As with the semi-custom suites, each design can be adapted especially for your special day.” Grania, Ink & Paper

Stars at Night

We collaborated on four beautifully designed suites. Featuring bright neons, sumptuous emerald greens, delicate constellations and subtle pastels, there's something for every wedding couple.

Photo-booths and photo-booth print outs are often forgotten when it comes to weddings. But they are what a couple's guests take home; put up on the fridge or pop into a frame. I'm sure you have a photo-booth print taking pride of place somewhere in your house. In the past we strived to create print outs that would match well with a couples wedding stationery, but without input and ultimately the permission from the designer we could never truly achieve this.

Our collaboration with Ink & Paper ensures a perfectly seamless design from Save the Date right through to the photo-booth print out that guests take home.

To celebrate this awesome collaboration Ink & Paper are offering 10% off these four suites, and we will be offering 10% off our photo-booth services so you can have the full package. Details of the offer and promo code are below.

Electric Dreams

Offer Details

Use Promo Code THEPROPERBOOTH10 to receive 10% off one of these beautiful wedding stationery suites from Ink & Paper and a 10% discount off a photo booth booking with us! Head on over to Ink & Paper to claim this amazing offer. Valid until 20/11/2020