Published on
January 21, 2021
Last updated
January 21, 2021

Virtual Events: The Aviators Ball 2020

It goes without saying that events were disrupted extensively in 2020. That doesn't mean to say that events haven't been happening virtually.

For charity Aerobility, their annual fundraiser is the main opportunity for them to raise much needed funds for the year ahead. So when they decided to go ahead with a virtual version of their Aviators Ball in November 2020 we couldn't say no! 

Our brief was to create a photo booth that guests could experience from the comfort of their own homes, providing entertainment during the breaks of the live stream. They wanted to ensure that the guests stayed logged on and engaged throughout. And that their main sponsor Breitling could be showcased effectively.

Using our URL based virtual photo booth platform, we designed up a photo experience like no other.

Video Welcome Screen on our Virtual Photo Booth

The Virtual Booth

Working with Breitling, our virtual booth platform immediately caught the attention of the guests with an adrenaline packed video welcome screen. Once inside they were able to choose to take a photo, GIF or Boomerang using the camera on their own device.

Each experience was branded with its own unique frame and overlay. This variety ensured guests would be back time and time again throughout the evening to try out all the options.

Both the photos and GIFs also had the awesome addition of AI background removal, which I know sounds like something out of Star Trek. But quite simply it acts like a digital green screen. It meant they could transport themselves into the cockpit of a red arrow or to the surroundings of the previous years Aviators Ball.

And if that wasn't enough variety, stickers could be added to each photo. These act just like a photo booth prop.

Photos and videos were emailed to guests or downloaded direct to their devices, with a message from Aerobility promoting their event hashtag and social media accounts.

Virtual Photo Booth with Stickers and AI Background Removal

Virtual Mosaic

The beauty of a virtual photo booth is how it collects the photos that are taken. One of the most engaging ways to use them is to place them into a virtual mosaic. As the event progresses and more photos are taken the mosaic starts to fill up and reveal an image. It's a great way to encourage guests to keep engaged and taking their photos through the virtual photo booth in order to get to the big reveal. The mosaic has its own live stream too. During the downtime of The Aviators Ball, the Virtual Mosaic was used as an interstitial option, and was revealed at the end of the evening. We are delighted that Aerobility will be using the mosaic as an auction item at another event they have planned in 2021.

Virtual Mosaic for The Aviators Ball

Live Stream

This was definitely one of the key elements to our virtual photo experience. After each photo, GIF and Boomerang had been moderated, they were released to the live stream. Guests could see in real time their photos appear on the screen. The photo booth live stream was used in between segments and proved to be a really interactive element of the event. It was a fantastic way to bring people together. The live stream also ensured that there were no drop offs from the event broadcast.

Photo Booth Live Stream from The Aviators Ball 2020

Do you have a virtual event planned? If you're looking for a fun way to bring everyone together and keep them engaged and interacting then a virtual photo expereince might just be the answer. We're here to talk through ideas with you and come up with the best virtual solutions to fit your event.

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