Boomarray hire in the uk
Boomarray booth hire in somerset

BOOMarray booth hire in somerset, dorset & wiltshire

Don't be deceived by this booth's simplicity, it packs a powerful content creating punch!  A Boomarray is a burst GIF which creates an amazing matrix style effect.
In days gone by a complex and expensive multi camera setup would have been required to create this effect. But we have made it accessible to everyone, with our simple and very portable Proper Boomarray Booth. 

The Boomarray effect

The Boomarray Booth also offers the option for Animated GIFs and Photos, which can all be instantly shared. We can even create custom emails to share this awesomeness, with hashtags, links and logos, making it easily shareable, ensuring your content is making an impact on social media faster.


Boomarray booth hire uk


Amplify your brand or event's social reach with a Boomarray. This little animated wonder is eye catching and will help you stand out in a crowded social media world. Add additional custom branding and exciting filters to add extra oomph! 


One of the best things about our Boomarray Booth besides its ability to create awesome content, is its portability. It can go anywhere! Inside, outside, up a mountain or on a beach. No additional power supply required and it has its on WIFI too. Happy Days! 





THREE Hours of Proper Boomarray Time
One Proper Booth Butler
Boomarray, GIFs and Photos
Custom Backdrop
Branded Overlay Design
Branded Microsite Gallery
Branded Email Template
Wifi Included
Image Delivery via Dropbox / We Transfer