The story of a Perfectionist, a Designer and one Proper Booth


Hi! Let us introduce ourselves so were not just strangers hidden behind your computer screen. We're Huw and Charlotte, a husband and wife team behind The Proper Booth. Huw is a perfectionist, and Charlotte is a graphic design whizz. We've been in the photo booth business for a few years now, since November 2014 to be precise! But we've not always been UK based. 

We decided to move back to our native England from a little Caribbean island called Antigua. Crazy you say? Maybe, but we love being back home - I guess we missed wearing jumpers and jeans, oh and family and friends. 

We sold our Photo Booth business The Island Photobooth in Antigua (it's still going strong!) and wanted to bring the newest and most brilliant Photo Booth technology to the UK. The Proper Booth is just what it says. It's a PROPER Photobooth - the iPhone X of photo booths. 

We fell in love with the idea of Photo Booths after having one at our own wedding back in 2012. Our Photo Booth book is something we regularly look through - more so than our actually wedding photos. They just seemed to capture the fun of the day and all our guests like nothing else could. 

But we knew we could do it better. So we did. And The Proper Booth is the result. Most people see photo booths as a chance for silly low quality photos, but it's much more than that. We want to give you the best quality photos that you want to frame, videos that capture the atmosphere, plus give you the opportunity to have all the things you didn't think could be possible from just one booth. We're talking Boomerangs, GIFs, Slow Mo, Mix Vid, facial recognition and the choice to print whatever photo you want from your session in 4 different sizes. Like we said we have a PROPER booth. 

So that's us in a nutshell!